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A strong foundation of music theory is a huge advantage when progressing in their instrument. But it needn’t be intimidating or a chore! Which is why we are launching a brand new Music Theory Course aimed at developing musical skills in an engaging way outside of the instrumental lesson.

These theory classes will develop skills such as reading notation, aural training and music analysis in a group setting. These group classes will be invaluable to those working towards graded exams, and indeed, to all of our developing musicians working to expand their musicianship outside their instrumental lesson!

Taking one of our theory courses is the perfect way to take some pressure off your instrumental lesson – now you can focus completely on your developing your instrumental skills without worrying about fitting in some theory. Our classes cater to all grades and are currently split as follows:

-Junior Theory: Beginner to Grade 2
-Intermediate Theory: Grade 3-5
-Senior Theory: Grade 5-8

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