Tin Whistle Lessons

Any level of Experience

An instrument that can fit in your back pocket! What more could you want?!

The tin whistle and recorder are great instruments for beginners and advanced players alike. Although they look similar the two instruments are quite different and are played in their own unique way.
Recorder: The recorder was used mostly in the Baroque and Renaissance periods of music but has recently been used by bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin in their albums and live performances.

A slightly lower sound than the tin whistle, the recorder is known to be a great starter instrument for little musicians!

Here at the Dublin School of Music we offer classical, traditional and contemporary tin whistle and recorder lessons for any level of experience, from beginner to advanced. As we 'tailor' each and every course to meet the needs of each individual student, our recorder lessons are taught on an exclusively one-to-one basis.

The lessons emphasise playing and instrumental performance, in addition to learning sight-reading, notation and theory.

We have a continuous enrolment as all lessons are one-to-one, which means you can start whenever you like.

Normally we enrol by the term or for a year, but the fees are based on a 10 lesson course over 10 consecutive weeks costing €265. Or why not try a three lesson "taster course" at just €79.50?

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