A little About Us


Originally founded in Rathfarnham in 2003, Dublin School of Music was started by Craig Wynne when he realised there was a demand for high quality music education in South Dublin. From small beginnings, the school has developed into one of Dublin’s most successful centres for musical development, covering formal education in the shape of traditional classical grades to learning to play just for the sheer fun of it.


Our team has over 30 highly skilled musicians, who are also trained in the disciplines of teaching. Our teachers are experienced in everything from musical theatre to individual recitals, and all the way to full on rock performances. From Chopin to Ragtime, from Andrés Segovia to Jimi Hendrix, whatever you want to learn, we can teach you.

Old Bawn
& Terenure

At the Dublin School of Music in Terenure and Old Bawn, music lovers of all ages find a nurturing space for their musical aspirations. Here, personalized one-on-one lessons across various instruments, including piano, violin, and guitar, cater to each student’s unique journey. The school’s dedicated instructors are passionate about guiding students, whether they’re beginners or seasoned musicians. It's a welcoming community where each note played contributes to a shared love of music. Choosing to enroll means joining a family committed to musical growth and joy.