Want to play like a PRO?

LUNCHTIME LESSONSLearn to play music during your lunchbreak

Lunchtime Lessons is a revolutionary concept in music tuition in Ireland. Designed for corporate clients, Lunchtime Lessons will help you and your staff learn a new skill (learning to play Guitar, Ukulele or Piano), all the while using music in promoting team building and developing friendships in your workplace

Learn to JAM
a few Tunes!

What is Lunchtime Lessons?

We offer group lessons of 30 - 45 min, to give you a foundation in music and get you on the road to performing those tunes you've always wanted to play! This is a 10 weeks course which will give you the ability to play your first three songs! How cool is that?
Lessons are for 4 to 6 people and are held in Dublin School of Music in Terenure Village or we can even come to your workplace (assuming you have a suitable space).
Think about how much time you spend dreaming about being able to play an instrument or to "jam a few tunes" ?
Why not do something for yourself for a change?


Individual singing lessons are available for all ages and styles, of all abilities! At Dublin School of Music, we have ..


Debatably the most powerful of all solo instruments, the piano is incredibly popular across a remarkable variety of genres. It ..


Debatably the most powerful of all solo instruments, the piano is incredibly popular across a remarkable variety of genres. It ..

Use your Lunchtime
to learn how to play an instrument!

Why Lunchtime Lessons?

It is with great pride and immense pleasure we introduce to you our Lunchtime Lessons, the latest in the range of music courses offered by Dublin School of Music. We believe this new approach to learning music for office based employees will enable you to finally find time to do what you’ve been threatening to do for years – learn an instrument!

The benefits of learning music (stress relief, building confidence and improving discipline & patience) are well documented, from the point of view of both the individual also the company. As we are all becoming more aware of the importance of mental health, there is an increasing body of academic work showing the benefits of learning music to our mental and emotional health.

The additional benefit of this programme is the encouragement of social time and team building within the work environment. The approach we use for the lessons in this new initiative will be similar to what we do in our highly regarded individual and group lessons in our school.

At present we offer Lunchtime Lessons in guitar, ukulele and piano. If you would like to learn more about this new programme, or the benefits thereof, please contact us at Dublin School of Music. We would be delighted to share with you details about Lunchtime Lessons and how they can work for your company.