Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Fees and Payments

All fees are due at the start of the academic year (the beginning of September). Dublin School of Music has a direct debit/instalment plan available to allow payments to be staggered across the School year. Typically, this would mean payment would be made in 10 equal automatic instalments.

Please note a charge to defray banking charges incurred by The School will be applied to any late or failed instalment payments.

Failure to pay fees in a timely fashion will result in suspension of classes until the balance has been paid.

We regret that weekly payment cannot be facilitated.

Fees can be paid by cash/card/cheque at the School, by card over the phone, online using the payment link emailed to you or by bank transfer (EFT). Please don’t forget to quote the student name if you’re paying by EFT.

For new students, a €30 deposit will be required with each booking. This €30 deposit will be deducted from your term fees when either a) your course fees are being paid in full or b) when your direct debit/instalment payment plan is set up. When you book a lesson your tutor is contracted to be in Dublin School of Music to teach you. Also, as lessons are arranged on a one-to-one basis, when you book a lesson no other students can book this time. For this reason, the deposit is non-refundable. If you do not show up for your lesson the deposit will be used to defray the cost involved to your tutor.

Discounts are available for students learning more than one instrument and for siblings and family members who are studying at Dublin School of Music. These discounts will be automatically applied to your account.

Dublin School of Music cannot make up lessons that are cancelled by the student. Your teacher has to be paid, and thus, we regret we cannot make up classes as that is too great a financial burden on the School. Please ensure that your agreed lesson schedule affords you enough time to be able to be present for your lessons.

This does not mean that we are inflexible nor lacking in compassion and understanding. Please discuss any issues with Dublin School of Music administration and not with your tutor.

Your tutors are human. It is possible that they may have to cancel a class/classes due to illness, personal emergency, public performance etc. This doesn’t happen often. In the event of teacher absence, Dublin School of Music will endeavour to arrange a suitable substitute teacher. If this is not possible, the lesson will be made up at a later date, before term end. If it is not possible to agree on a time for a rescheduled class, a full refund for that class will be made at the end of term.

An agreed rescheduled class missed by the student will be deemed to have taken place and therefore will NOT be rescheduled or credited.