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The violin, with its captivating charm and profound emotional range, stands as a pinnacle of musical expression. Its ability to mimic the human voice allows violinists to explore a spectrum of tones and emotions, making it a profoundly effective instrument for artistic expression.

At the Dublin School of Music, beginner violinists embark on a journey that extends beyond mere musical training. As they delve into the world of violin, students experience enhanced concentration, improved memory, and refined communication skills. The educational value of learning the violin at our school transcends the boundaries of music, paving the way for success in numerous life endeavors.

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Ireland's vibrant culture of orchestral music finds a nurturing ground at the Dublin School of Music. Our programs prepare aspiring young musicians to join prestigious orchestral ensembles. Here, they forge lifelong friendships, create unforgettable memories, and enhance their musical prowess.

What sets us apart is our flexible enrollment system. With one-to-one lessons, students can commence their musical journey at any time. We typically offer enrollment by term or for a full year, with fees structured around a 10-week course comprising 10 lessons, priced at €275. Additionally, we offer a unique 'taster course' of three lessons for just €90, giving newcomers a glimpse into the world of violin. Should students choose to continue after this introductory course, the €90 fee is deducted from the full course fees.

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