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Science has shown that, with 88 keys and two hands to be mastered all at once, a pianist’s brain capacity is entirely unique.

Those who learn piano also develop skills in problem solving, methodical thinking, language, memory, spontaneity, decision making and social behaviour. Concentration becomes easier and focus is more resolute.

All of this develops as the player explores their creativity, communication, sensitivity, and imagination. Pretty cool, eh?

Something for Everyone

Debatably the most powerful of all solo instruments, the piano is incredibly popular across a remarkable variety of genres. It is often forgotten that the piano is a key member of the String family, given its striking individualistic nature. Whether in a solo setting or part of an ensemble, the piano masters the demands of Classical, jazz, and rock music. It has been used to great effect over hundreds of years in orchestras, bands, concert halls, musicals, and of course as a powerful accompaniment to other instruments.

Our lessons offer something for every new beginner, seasoned player, and those returning to the piano after many years. For those of school age in particular, preparing for grade exams can be a huge lesson in self-discipline, and more importantly, a massive boost in self-belief and confidence. We intertwine an education in music theory alongside practical learning, which equips any student to progress confidently and to challenge themselves. This in turn leads to exciting opportunities to play with many other musicians, where children can form lifelong friendships, as well as invaluable musical skills.

We have a continuous enrolment as all lessons are one-to-one, which means you can start whenever you like. Normally we enrol by the term or for a year, but the fees are based on a 10 lesson course over 10 consecutive weeks costing €275. Or why not try a three lesson "taster course" at just €90? (If you decide to continue after your three lesson taster, the €90 will be deducted from the full fees).

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