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Discover the power Of the piano!

The human brain is capable of many things, but the cognitive capacity of a pianist is truly extraordinary. Juggling two hands and 88 keys simultaneously, pianists display a unique brain ability.

Playing the piano doesn't only mean creating beautiful music, it also enhances valuable life skills. These include problem-solving, methodical thinking, language development, memory strengthening, quick decision making, and improved social behaviour. Moreover, it helps to build strong concentration and a solid focus.

As a piano player progresses, they also boost their creativity, communication, sensitivity, and imagination. Quite a fascinating journey, isn't it?

The Piano a Versatile Instrument

Known as one of the most expressive solo instruments, the piano is favored across a broad range of music genres. Despite its individualistic character, the piano belongs to the String family. Whether played solo or in an ensemble, it can handle the complexities of Classical, Jazz, and Rock music. For centuries, it has been featured in orchestras, bands, concert halls, musicals, and as an effective accompaniment to other instruments.

Our lessons cater to all kinds of students - from beginners, experienced players, to those coming back to the piano after a break. For school-aged students, preparing for grade exams can provide valuable lessons in self-discipline and most importantly, a significant increase in self-confidence. We blend music theory education with practical learning, preparing any student to progress confidently and challenge themselves. This approach offers many opportunities to play with other musicians, form lifelong friendships, and develop crucial musical skills.

Our enrolment is continuous and lessons are one-on-one, meaning you can start at any time. Typically, we enroll by the term or for a year, with the fees based on a 10 lesson course over 10 consecutive weeks costing €275. Or, if you'd like to dip your toes in first, try a three lesson "taster course" at just €90. (If you decide to continue after your three lesson taster, the €90 will be deducted from the full fees).

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