Learn to play Flute

Any level of Experience

The flute is one of the most versatile and enjoyable instruments to play. Whether you want to rock out with a band, play exciting jazz tunes, or tap into centuries of classical music, flute is the ideal instrument.
Flute is a standard instrument in most bands and orchestras. Learning to play will lead to fantastic opportunities to join groups and make friends.

It's quite straightforward to get a sound from a flute early on, and if you can blow across a bottle and get a sound then you can get a note from the flute. Beginners can progress quite rapidly and many end up doing their first graded exams by the end of the first year.

Here at the Dublin School of Music, we teach the classical (silver) flute. Many of the techniques you will learn can also later be applied to other types of flute such as the Irish traditional wooden flute or Chinese flutes. There is also very strong similarites with the playing technique of other woodwind instruments such as saxophone or oboe. In fact many professional musicians double on both flute and saxophone because of their similarities.

One of the advantages of the flute is that the notes are the same as on the recorder. Many people start off playing the recorder in school, so the skills learned can be transferred on to the flute.
The instrument itself is fairly cheap to buy. You can get good quality beginner flutes second hand.
In the first few weeks of lessons, you will learn how to produce a tone and play enough notes to create a tune. Alongside learning the instrument, you will be taught how to read notes from sheet music.

Start Today

The flute is a fun a highly adaptable instrument that will give you years of enjoyment. You can start today, just give get in touch and you can start lessons immediately!
Grade exam preparation is catered for following either the Royal Irish Academy of Music or the Associated Board of Music schedules. Preparation for other examination boards is available on request.
We have a continuous enrolment as all lessons are one-to-one, which means you can start whenever you like. Normally we enrol by the term or for a year, but the fees are based on a 10 lesson course over 10 consecutive weeks costing €275. Or why not try a three lesson "taster course" at just €90? (If you decide to continue after your three lesson taster, the €90 will be deducted from the full fees).

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